Publisher X Brings ‘HydroTilt: Lite’ to the App Store

Publisher X has recently released HydroTilt: Lite [App Store], a free, limited version of its 3D platform / puzzle / maze game HydroTilt.

We took a look at HydroTilt last month and found it to be a polished title, well suited to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Publisher-X’s newly released HydroTilt [App Store] offers an impressive accelerometer tilt game reminiscent of Marble Madness or a simplified Archer Maclean’s Mercury.

The game offers familiar tilt controls to control a bead of water on suspended platforms. The goal of each level is to find the a cold cube (which turns your drop of water into a ball of ice) and roll it to the goal. The game adds a number of additional obstacles, ramps and challenges to make the game far more interesting than your typical tilt-balance game.

HydroTilt: Lite features five of the full version’s 30 levels and provides an enjoyable taste of the full game experience.

See our HydroTilt gameplay video.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Additionally, Publisher X is running a limited time, promotional sale on the paid version which is now $2.99, down from $4.99 [link].