‘Mines in Space’ – a Polished Minesweeper Clone

Minesweeper is one of those classic games that many office workers “grew up" on. Minesweeper was likely responsible for countless lost hours of office productivity over the years. While there have been a few Minesweeper clones appear on the App Store, the ones I’ve seen haven’t been of the highest quality.

I should note, however, that one recent Free entry called Mines [App Store] has done a reasonable (though barebones) job. Mines is also notable in that it comes from independent developer Noah Witherspoon who was also responsible for Tris before it was removed at the demand of the Tetris company.

While I appreciate Witherspoon’s free offering, it comes as a very simple implementation with a very small board size.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a recent entry into the field from developers High Five which takes the game to the next level. Mines in Space [App Store] offers a very polished $2.99 version of the game that offers multiple levels of difficulties, achievements as well as fresh twists to the classic formula.

The game of Minesweeper involves finding and tagging the hidden mines by slowly exposing more tiles. As tiles are removed, a digit is revealed in that space. That number represents how many mines that space is adjacent to. Through some deductive reasoning, you can figure out which spaces have mines and which do not.

Mines in Space game comes with multiple different gameplay modes:

  • Classic – As with classic minesweeper games, place your flags without detonating any mines!
  • Imposter – Analyse the data to locate hidden Quagaaars disguised as asteroids!
  • UFO Finder – The Quagaaars have cloaked their ships! Use the numbers to locate the hidden vessels.
  • Rocket Shuffle – Your scanners have been scrambled! Shuffle the rockets back into their correct positions.
  • Final Frontier – Put all your skills to the test in this epic 100 puzzle story mode.

The developer’s video walks you through the features:

If you’re a Minesweeper fan, this is the one to get.

App Store Link: Mines in Space, $2.99