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‘Zombie Mansion’ First-Person Shooter Beta Video

Razorianfly has posted a gameplay video of a beta version of Zombie Mansion, a first-person shooter for the iPhone that we profiled in October.

Controls are implemented through the use of onscreen directional pad and shooting and jumping buttons.

The game remains in beta testing and involves fighting your way out of a maze-like environment:

The game is set in a maze-based environment, and with the directional controls, even aiming your energy surges right becomes that of a challenge in itself. You’ll also find a mirage of twists and turns, locked doors, wells, prison bars, gates and other obstacles which will stop you from escaping. Gameplay is extended by the use of locked doors. Hidden in the levels are keys, and you must find them, unlock the door, and continue to escape.

The game is not yet complete but said to become available “very shortly".