‘Rescue Angels 60’ Worth More than $0.99

xCube Labs’ recently released a surprisingly good trajectory game called Rescue Angels 60 [App Store] for only $0.99.

In Rescue Angels, you must free the angels from a naughty devil by using your bow and arrow. Each level presents you with a limited number of arrows and a minimum amount of angels you must free.

Angels are set free simply by hitting them with your arrow. You aim your bow & arrow and set the power by sliding your finger up the screen, and let it fly. Both “Elevation" and “Power" are also represented numerically so you have a point of reference for future shots. Run out of arrows before you clear the required number of angels and you’ll have to try again.

There are 60 levels of increasing difficulty with special obstacles and power-ups that may be required to complete each level. The game play video shows it best:

The music quality could be better, and there are some slow downs when you fire the “three arrow" power-up, but these are relatively minor issues that can easily be overlooked. (Music can also be disabled and it does allow you to play your own music during the game.)

Overall, a very good value for only $0.99.

App Store Link: Rescue Angels 60, $0.99