Upcoming Games

Ngmoco’s Maze Finger and Topple

Besides Rolando, two other games are now featured on ngmoco’s site:

Maze Finger

Maze Finger appears to be a fast paced action game in which you trace out a maze with your finger on the iPhone. The game appears to be well stylized. Feature list includes:

  • Stunning visual effects and sound
  • Intense arcade-style touch screen action
  • 200 levels with 1000 unique mazes
  • Traps, blockers and energy pickups
  • Test your skills by unlocking new achievements
  • Send high scores to your friends and foes


This game appears to challenge you to balance differently shaped pieces on a growing tower. The goal appears to be use a certain number of blocks without toppling over in order to pass the level. Topple takes naturally takes advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer to help you try to keep the tower in balance.

  • Enjoy beautiful visuals, playful animations and a sweeping musical score
  • Drag, rotate and stack pieces using touch and multi-touch controls
  • Tilt the screen to keep your teetering blocks from toppling
  • Follow your blocks’ facial expressions for tactical clues and comic relief

Gameplay videos for each game can be found on their respective pages: Maze Finger and Topple

Update: PocketGamer.co.uk says that Topple and Maze Finger will be “budget" games and cost no more than 59p ($0.99 US).