‘Fieldrunners’ Delivers a Very Polished Tower Defense Game

Subatomic Studios has released Fieldrunners [App Store], a $4.99 iPhone version of the Tower Defense strategy game.

For those who aren’t familiar, Tower Defense is a genre of strategy game in which your goal is to stop the enemies from crossing the map by building up your tower defenses:

Enemies and towers usually have varied abilities and costs. When an enemy is defeated the player earns money or points, which are used to buy or upgrade towers.

The choice and positioning of the towers is the essential strategy of the game

This version of the game gives you a blank field in which you must create your own maze by purchasing the available defense towers. There are 4 different types of towers and each can be upgraded multiple times.

  • Gatling Tower – short range, cheap
  • Goo Tower – slows enemy down
  • Missile Tower – long range, good against air units
  • Lightning Tower – powerful, expensive

While there exist other Tower Defense games in the App Store (Mote-M, iDefend Lite), none carry this level of graphics quality and overall polish. This game has already received rave reviews from readers in our forum.

The game offers 3 different levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard) and uses the iPhone’s touch screen quite well. You are able to pan across the field and even multi-touch pinch to zoom in and out. Each session offers a good amount of play and can easily last over 30 minutes. In light of this, it’s good to know that the game can be easily paused and resumed at any time.

The graphics, sound effects, and tower balance help to provide a very engrossing game that you will happily play for hours. Since i’s initial release, the developer has added sound effects and a new map, which add even more replayability to this excellent game. Fieldrunners is one of the best games on the iPhone and his highly recommended.

Game Details
Name: Fieldruners (1.0.0) Price: $4.99 [Buy]
Developer: Subatomic Studios Size: 9.2 MB
From a production value standpoint, Fieldrunners‘ graphics and gameplay are amongst the best we’ve seen on the iPhone and even those unfamiliar with the Tower Defense genre will enjoy this game. Highly recommended.

Dec 8, 2008: Updated review to reflect latest version updates.