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Laminar Research Has Big Plans for X-Plane 9 on iPhone

Laminar Research’s recently released iPhone mini-version of the award winning flight simulator X-Plane 9 [App Store] has gotten a lot of attention since it’s debut in the App Store.  X-Plane 9 for the iPhone provides a flight experience that goes well beyond what most flight sim fans believed was possible on a mobile platform.

Happily, it seems that the v1.0 release is just the beginning.

As a reader pointed out in a comment to our X-Plane 9 review, author Austin Meyer gave some indication of what lies ahead in a recent post to his X-Plane forums.

DUDE.. you have only seen the START.
We are going to have airliners, helicopters, gliders… this is only the BEGINNING.

Also (and there is no way I should mention this) X-Plane AUTOMOTIVE is SCREAMING fun.. I will be ready to release it, hopefully, within 7 days.

When you see me issue a post about how I am morally opposed (or something) to an automotive version of x-plane with ferraris and corvettes and KRAZY tracks, you will know that we are within about 48 hours of release.

I hope to have it for desktop AND iphone shortly!

More aircraft for X-Plane and an entirely new title: X-Plane Automotive.  It seems Austin has big plans for the iPhone and for X-Plane in general.  Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.