A Quick Look at ‘iSnap’ for the iPhone

I Play Phone Games recently released iSnap [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch.

iSnap, based on the Mac game Snap, is yet another title subscribing the the “match 3 of a color" formula, but is one of the more unique offerings of the sort.

The player controls a metallic ball tied to the center of the board with an elastic tether.  The game is played by dragging, pulling, and releasing the ball so that it flies up into the air and lands on colored gems arrayed about the board.  Whatever gem the ball lands on is eliminated along with any like-colored gems grouped with it.  Gems are replenished in rows that advance downwards from the top of the board.

iSnap [$0.99, App Store] isn’t an earthshaking title, but it’s just different enough to make it interesting.