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Preview of Bootant’s BiiBall 3D Game [Now Available]

Bootant is an iPhone developer who has a number of titles currently available that all share a beautiful 3D aesthetic. Bootant’s current games include:

  • Break Classic Lite (Free)
  • Break Classic ($1.99)
  • BreakTouch 3D ($2.99)
  • BeeCells ($2.99)
  • CubeRise 3D ($2.99)
  • ColorRise 3D ($1.99)
  • BiiBall 3D [Note: Price to go on sale to $1.99, App Store] is their latest game which takes advantage of their 3D engine and appears to combine the gameplay of Cube Runner and a rolling ball. The ball appears to move forward at a set pace while the player travels through the path while collecting objects while avoiding contact with the walls. Some objects need to be destroyed by shooting them (tapping on the screen) before you collect them. If you hit an obstacle, you have to restart the level.

    The video shows the game:

    The game is now available for $4.99 [App will be discounted to $1.99 this weekend only] in the App Store (link).