Neutron Online Gaming Platform Offers Multiplayer Options on iPhone

Exit Games has announced that its cross platform toolset for multiplayer online gaming is now available for the iPhone. For developers, this provides a toolset that allows them to more easily integrate online multiplayer and social gaming features to their games. Possible features include:

  • Community – asynchronous interaction of a large community of players
  • Multi-Platform Connectivity – mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-PC, and PC-to-PC multiplayer gaming
  • Asset Upload & Download – flexible download and integration of game assets into running application
  • Tournament Management – flexible tournament management with in-game news ticket and national leaderboards
  • Shadow Racing – competition against opponent’s top races
  • Turn-Based Gameplay – direct interaction of two or more players in alternate rounds
  • Connected Highscore – global high score list and own personal rank
  • Cross-Game Concept – assets carrying over from one game to another
  • Simultaneous Movement – near realtime multiplayer head-to-head competitions
  • In-Game Chat – instant peer-to-peer messaging within the game
  • Skillbased Matchmaking – matches opponents with equivalent skills, based on establishing ranking system (ELO league system)
  • Developers would have to specifically license and use this toolset to take advantage of the features, but this does open up the possibility that we will see more robust online gaming features in future iPhone games.

    Thanks Raphael Salgado (BeyondtheTech)