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More Screenshots for Rolando

HandCircus has posted a small update with a few new screenshots for their upcoming game Rolando. The developer writes that the game now features “slime pits, cannons, piranhas, evil spiders, torches and much more".

For those who missed it when we first covered this game back in July, Rolando is a physics puzzler that is featured in this impressive trailer:

While the game has been compared to Sony’s LocoRoco, the developer says that despite the visual similarities, the gameplay is quite different:

Rolandos mechanics (and I can understand that there isn’t enough time to pick up on these in the short trailer) allow you to pan around the entire level, selecting and controlling individual Rolando or groups, and issuing them commands (ala Lemmings, MvsDK2). You can also directly manipulate level elements by dragging, sliding, rotating, pressing buttons and much more. Some of the bonus levels do just allow you to rotate the level using the accelerometer – the closest to this is most likely Cameltry on the SNES.

The developer has promised another trailer soon. When we contacted HandCircus recently, they reported they were still working hard on the game and that it is on track for an early September release.