Fingertip Sports Air Hockey from Sea Lion Games

We recently covered Picnic Poker from Sea Lion Games and mentioned in the post that the developer had another, unnamed title wating in the wings.  As it turns out, Picnic Poker is not presently available through the iTunes App Store…but that unnamed title is.  Let’s name it: Fingertip Sports Air Hockey [App Store].

See the YouTube video:

As the author describes it,

Play Fingertip Sports Air Hockey with a friend on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Using the iPhone’s revolutionary Multi-Touch display, you and a friend can wield your air hockey mallets on the same touchscreen knocking the puck around for some quick fun anywhere. Fingertip Sports Air Hockey is a game for two players for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The focus of this game was to make a quick fun game focused on the 2 player experience. It includes polished graphics and the sounds of hockey, from the slap shot sounds of the puck to a responsive announcer with play by play action and the responsive cheer of an enthusiastic crowd. This game sells for $2.99 at the App Store. Please note the “Fingertip Sports Air Hockey" can be found in the Entertainment section of the App Store.

Great fun for two players at a reasonable $2.99.  Friend required.