Space Out and Spinblox for iPhone from Binary Square

iPhone developer Binary Square has released gameplay videos of two native iPhone game titles currently under development: Space Out and Spinblox.

Space Out, “a tribute to old school arcade games," is basically Space Invaders meets Arkanoid.  The game presents a Space Invaders-style monochrome game screen, but rather than controlling a movable turrett, the player is in control of a sliding paddle with which he/she must destroy the advancing alien horde by deflecting a bouncing ball.  Like Arkanoid, power-ups fall from certain enemies when destroyed with the ball.

Spinblox is a colorful puzzle game in which the player swipes his or her finger over two adjacent blox in order to spin them.  The goal is to line up three or more of the same color blox in order to create a set.  All sets are removed with each wave, every few seconds.

Binary Square CEO Dan Bliss indicates that both titles will be sold through the iTunes App Store.  There are no details on pricing at this time.