Apple’s Back to School Promo is a Free iPod Touch

Apple’s Back to School promo this year is expected to kick off on June 3rd, 2008. Last year, the annual promotion offered college students a free iPod ($199 value) when buying a qualifying Mac (basically, any Mac except the mini).

This year, Apple’s promo is expected to be their biggest ever… and we’ve heard this means an iPod touch ($299 value) will be given for free to qualifying buyers.

If true, this means Apple’s Touch OS X platform is going to absolutely explode in marketshare over the next 3 months. Along with the 3G iPhone, which is widely expected, every college student buying a Mac this summer will also be getting a device capable of running applications off the iTunes App Store.

Developers should take note at the potential audience Apple is building.

It’s True: Details at Apple