Trism: A Puzzler Fully Exploiting iPhone Controls

Bejeweled fans, take note.  Steve Demeter of Demiforce has developed an iPhone game that is essentially a new take on the aforementioned puzzle classic which makes superb use of the unit’s unique control systems.

Fully utilizing both the touchscreen and accelerometer of the iPhone and iPod touch, Trism presents users with a screen populated by colorful, triangular objects which the player can slide in various directions with their finger.  When a three-way color match is made, the matching triangles disappear and other triangles fall into place to fill the void.  Now, here’s where it gets good: The direction from which the triangles fall depends on the orientation of the iPhone itself.

Thanks to the iPhone’s unique control systems, Trism takes the Bejewelled proposition to a new level and is a much more involving game.  Able to be  played with just one hand, the game is ideal for the commuter standing on a crowded subway.

As Mobile Magazine reports, Trism will be available for $5 USD upon launch of the iTunes App Store in June.