Developers Express Enthusiasm, Commitment to iPhone Platform

Apple recently published a press release indicating that the freely available iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), with which developers can create games and other native applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, was downloaded over 100,000 times in the first four days of its availability. The release names a variety of software companies that have announced a commitment to the company’s new, open platform, including: AOL, Electronic Arts, Epocrates,, Sega, Intuit, Namco Networks, NetSuite, PopCap, Rocket Mobile, Six Apart, and THQ Wireless.

It is clear from developer reactions to the SDK that there is a bright (and crowded!) future for games and other native applications on the iPhone platform.

“We’re very excited about Apple’s new SDK and reaching every iPhone user through the new App Store,” said Scott Rubin, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Namco Networks. “We can’t wait to show off great new versions of arcade classics like PAC-MAN and Galaga that use the revolutionary features of the iPhone and iPod touch.”

“The iPhone is the mobile platform game developers have been dreaming of,” said Scott Zerby, vice president, THQ Wireless. “We’re looking at how we can use the iPhone’s innovative user interface to create new game experiences for our big brand entertainment partners that consumers love.”

“Apple’s become an important mobile game platform with the iPhone SDK,” said Jason Kapalka, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, PopCap. “The new SDK gives us the tools to innovate and reinvent games like Bejeweled, Zuma and Peggle. With the new App Store we can reach every iPhone and iPod touch user on the planet.”

At Apple’s SDK roll-out event last week Electronics Arts demonstrated a port of its highly-anticipated game Spore while SEGA showed a port of its popular Super Monkey Ball — both developed in just two weeks time by teams with no prior experience in iPhone development. During the event, a SEGA developer indicated, “this is console gaming," in reference to the power of the iPhone as a gaming platform. Both demos can be seen in Apple’s Quicktime stream of the event.