Zach Gage
If you like Tetris, Drop7, or Lumines, you'll love Unify. --- Featured in New And Noteworthy! --- 5/5 " Unify from Dev…
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If you like Tetris, Drop7, or Lumines, you'll love Unify. --- Featured in New And Noteworthy! --- 5/5 " Unify from Developer Zach Gage takes an old idea, turns it on its side, (literally!) and creates a premium gaming experience on the iPhone all its own... Unify is excellent in motion, and should not be missed." -The Current Gamer Silver Award "A smart twist on the typical colour-matching puzzler, Unify is the kind of title that takes a couple short minutes to learn, but a lifetime to put down" -Pocket Gamer "I never thought this would happen, but I play this more than lumines despite being a lumines addict" -andypandy11234235 "Tetris, smetris! Unify is one of the rare games to give the classic puzzler a run for it’s money." - Geeks of Unusual Size "Those looking for a different kind of iPhone puzzler, should definitely give Unify a try" -toucharcade "A brilliantly simple puzzle game that's a truly unique experience…try to survive all 40 levels of intense brain integration. You won't believe how captivating this simple concept turns out to be!" -jayisgames "Tetris is a game that has stood the test of time. Many games have tried to mimc the same concept but only few have ever found success because, as they say, nothing is better than the original. However, Unify is here to defy that logic." -appversity "A beautiful multi-touch block dropping game" -iconfactory.com "...inspired by Tetris, Zach is bringing a new, clever and absolutely wonderful revamped version of the good old classic. ... The more you play the more the game becomes almost natural and intuitive play of shapes, pattern and colours." -CreativeApplications.net "This easily one of those puzzlers that shouldn’t be overlooked. Albie Meter: 4.5 Stars" -Big Albie "a borderline art piece" -joseqwerty "one of the most fantastic iPhone games i've played so far" -jules2k via touchArcade Unify is the first truly multi-touch block dropping game. Instead of a single piece falling from the top of the screen to the bottom, two pieces move in from the sides towards the middle, simultaneously. The goal of the game is to make combinations of 4 or more of the same color, so that they disappear. Once blocks disappear, all the blocks on top of them move in towards the center, giving you the opportunity for combos. - 40 levels + endless mode - 13 song cd quality evolving soundtrack - Stereo Sound (seriously stereo. try playing with headphones) - Multitouch puzzle action - Autosave (if you pause and then chose quit, it won't save, but if you hit the home button to quit it does. I will make this clearer in updates)
Seller:Zach Gage
Genre:Action, Puzzle
Release:Sep 17, 2009
Updated:Mar 21, 2011
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating: (2)
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Compatibility:HD Universal