Bit Pilot

Zach Gage
You've never played an iOS action game that controlled this well. "Asteroids meets Canabalt" -Kotaku As seen in the WIR…
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You've never played an iOS action game that controlled this well. "Asteroids meets Canabalt" -Kotaku As seen in the WIRED Magazine App Guide - 9.0 out of 10 As seen in MacLife Magazine As reviewed in Giant Robot and Tap! Magazines Kotaku's Gaming App of the Day *Featured at Fantastic Fest 2011* * Featured in Apple's New and Noteworthy / What's Hot * "A must-have, no matter what kind of games you enjoy on Apple's touchscreen devices" -TUAW "Holy crap, this is awesome!" "Some of the best music this side of Mega Man 2" -SlideToPlay - rated 3/4 "Dodge lasers and asteroids in an effort to keep your bit pilot alive to the wonderous chiptunes of Sabrepulse. Seriously, the soundtrack alone is worth your 99 cents." "Games like Bit Pilot are why I love the iPhone" -TouchGen - 4.5 stars Featured in GamePro's iPhone Games Of The Week 3/22/10 "Pixelated asteroids flying across the screen boost the game's nostalgic appeal, while its on-pitch bit tunes send it into overdrive" -PockerGamer "Fast paced gameplay, well implemented touch controls and a great 8-bit soundtrack" -Touch Arcade "A premium title with quick pick up and play action perfect for its platform, and should absolutely not be missed." - "A deceptively-intense game with a lot of personality, fluid controls and a thought-provoking soundtrack. It’s a successful, innovative “retro-infused” modern take on a well-defined, often-finicky genre. At only .99, Bit Pilot is well worth your allowance" -148Apps - 4 out of 5 stars "There’s a lot to love here; from the fluid controls to the speedy gameplay it feels like Squareball just met Space Miner. We heartily recommend this one." "If you have enjoyed Canabalt's fast paced, heart pumping action, Bit Pilot will fit right into your collection of games on the iPhone ... Take a deep breath, sit back, relax, thumbs on the screen and enjoy. Bit Pilot is absolutely fantastic!" ---------------------------------------------- Bit Pilot was created by Zach Gage (SpellTower, Halcyon, Unify, SynthPond) and has music by the prolific chiptune artist Sabrepulse. Bit Pilot uses an intuitive and unique control scheme unlike anything you've tried before. Each thumb swipe on the screen adds the force of that swipe to your ship. Control with one thumb for small motions, and use two at once in the same direction for quick movements, or two in different directions for precision. Its difficult to explain, but extremely intuitive and precise once you try it. Check out the videos on After you get good, the next time you try a dual stick shooter on your xbox, you'll wish you were using a touch controller. - Intuitve and precise touch controls - Intense retro bullet-dodging - Awesome music by Sabrepulse - 6 Unlockable tracks + More bonus unlockables - Fifteen Challenging Achievements - Global highscore lists and ranking through OpenFeint and Game Center
Seller:Zach Gage
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Mar 04, 2010
Updated:Jan 15, 2013
Size:28.5 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal