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IT IS FINALLY HERE! Let us present the wildest Touchgrind game so far, TOUCHGRIND SCOOTER, brought to you by the creator…
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IT IS FINALLY HERE! Let us present the wildest Touchgrind game so far, TOUCHGRIND SCOOTER, brought to you by the creators of Touchgrind BMX 2 and Touchgrind Skate 2. We took the core of the Touchgrind brand, listened closely to OUR PLAYERS suggestions and feedback and created the most advanced and stunning Touchgrind game yet. FEATURES * Same revolutionary TWO FINGER CONTROLS as seen in Touchgrind BMX 2 * Customizable SCOOTERS: standard, epic and legendary with loads of gear and color combinations * FEATURES realistic 3D graphics, an amazing original soundtrack accompanied by heavy sound effects * GRIND and RIDE FAKIE * Countless amount of UNLOCKABLE scooters and gear * VARIOUS GAME MODES: tricky, freestyle & versus * PERSONALIZED profile * Heaps of CHALLENGES and TROPHIES on each location * Full-blown RANKING SYSTEM on each location – world, country, city and among friends * Super REALISTIC PHYSICS * EPIC and LEGENDARY scooters that will make your jaw drop * Gmail and Apple connectivity to SAVE & SYNC PROGRESS between devices TAKE CONTROL AND RULE YOUR CITY when beating local rivals in your own region. Will you be the dominating rider and for how long? Compete on a big or small scale: globally, in your country or even in your OWN HOMETOWN. BECOME A LEGEND and prove your dominance whilst exploring urban locations in a large city. BE TOUGH and keep up with the best scooter competitors globally when racing on multiple tracks on each location. Grind escalators and rails, boost off huge jumps, ramps and ledges, score insane fakie trick combos and you may be just one step closer to becoming the best rider in the world. DESIGN, CHANGE GEAR and assemble your customizable Scooter with hundreds of colors to choose from. Earn and unlock additional gear, epic and legendary scooters and much more. CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN VARIOUS GAME MODES and rank up! Secure shiny trophies and compare your best scores with other players around the globe or in your own region. Learn and improve your skills by checking out other players’ runs. Glory awaits those skilled enough to master fakie riding, backflips, rider flips, grinds and many other tricks. So what are you waiting for? REALISTIC GRAPHICS AND ORIGINAL MUSIC make Touchgrind Scooter a truly breathtaking gaming experience. Once you break the rules of gravity, get the hang of speed, style and precision and watch your Scooter soar in this adrenaline-fueled Scooter game nothing will stop you from becoming THE Legend! Follow us on Twitter and TikTok: @ILLUSIONLABS Check out great videos and more on our YouTube page! Find out more about the game on the official Web page:
Seller:Illusion Labs
Genre:Racing, Sports
Release:Jun 09, 2021
Updated:Jun 30, 2023
Size:0.9 GB
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Compatibility:HD Universal