The Fingermaze Game

P. - E. Hartmann
The Fingermaze is an exclusive mobile game, that adapted all the unique features of a mobile phone into one daring exper…
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The Fingermaze is an exclusive mobile game, that adapted all the unique features of a mobile phone into one daring experience full of action and thrilling situations. Use your finger to find your way through an adventurous maze of obstacles. Try to collect all three stars on your way to the goal and try to not get squashed, cut, electrocuted or burned. It's hard, but worth it. With over 150 levels of colorful and rich game play the Fingermaze is for every bus ride, sleepless night or suspiciously long washroom sitting. While maintaining the fun of an quick-to-learn game, it will challenge you in extremely difficult situations. Do you consider yourself to rather be a casual gamer? Don’t fear. Every 7 unsuccessful tries you will be asked if you want to skip the level, so you will never get stuck. Each star adds another level off intriguing challenge, so make sure to catch them all and compare yourself to the top players on the game-center leaderboard or beat your own high-score by racing against your past in form of a little ghost, that tells you your best time. Each of the first 6 chapter à 25 levels introduces a unique theme to dare you to show the best of your abilities: Chapter I : The Entrance - Introduction - Get used to the game play and discover the basic challenges and hurdles of the game. How fast can you finish the levels with the increasing difficulty? Chapter II : The Flea Circus - Balance - That was easy. But will it still be that easy if you have to balance your phone at the same time? This chapter will be a balancing act, literally. Chapter III : The Big Jump - Memory - It’s time to quantum teleport your finger and jump from one place to the other. Find your way through the holes of space-time continuum. Don’t get lost on the way. Chapter IV : The Finger of Fire - Speed - Speed is everything, when you need to run away from ticking time bombs, flamethrowers and hot burning fuses. You need to be quick. You need to be fearless. But don’t catch fire. Chapter V : Electric Boogalo - Agility - After those stressful rounds of daring speed, it is time to clam down for a bit. Calm real down or otherwise your finger will get electrocuted by shocking circuit-boards and electric fences. One wrong move and it is all over. Can you stay that steady? Chapter VI : The Twin Finger - Multi-tasking - You did it, you managed all the hurdles so far. You feel great. What else can come your way that you can not master? Don't get cocky yet. Do you have enough multi-tasking power to finish the levels with two fingers at the same time? Only time will tell. Chapter VII : King of the Manege { not yet included } The maze is getting more dangerous with lighting fast lasers. Freaking lasers. It will take everything you know to get through this chapter. Pew Pew Pew Chapter VIII : The Royal Club { not yet included } Only the bravest will get the chance to get into the “Royal Club” by finishing the most difficult and last 25 levels of this game. The Fingermaze is a one person indie game developed with lots of love and packed full with tiny surprises and easter eggs. Can you find them all? All graphics are adapted to work on all iPhones and the unique iPhoneX fullscreen to show a graphical feast for your eyes. Thank you for supporting Indie-games. Philip Hartmann
Seller:P. - E. Hartmann
Genre:Action, Board
Release:Nov 01, 2017
Updated:Nov 07, 2017
Size:144.2 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal