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Sudoku will tease your brain, challenge you or allow you to unwind and relax. With the easiest interface, it will give y…
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Sudoku will tease your brain, challenge you or allow you to unwind and relax. With the easiest interface, it will give you the perfect Sudoku experience. Big numbers, a straight-forward toolbar for the actions you will use the most, plus all the options to personalise your game. Choose your level, from easy to expert, have your mistakes counted and duplicated numbers highlighted or choose the “Pro Mode” to have no help in solving your puzzle. Get hints whenever you are stuck and “pencil in” your notes or erase entries. Choose among 3 themes for the look of your board: the white and elegant, for a light, modern look; the blue for a touch of originality or the dark theme, best for low light environments or to relax even more. To relax or challenge yourself, for your time out or for a bit of brain training, Sudoku is the game for you. Features of Sudoku: - Get a new puzzle every time. Sudoku has thousands of different boards for you, all with a unique solution. - Challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels: for beginners and experts alike. - Use the Hints whenever you need a little help getting through the puzzle. - Make the most of the “Pencil Mode”, taking notes of all the possible numbers that could go in a cell. - Duplicated numbers in a column, row or block will be highlighted for you to avoid repetitions. - Erase a number or undo a move easily. - Go “Pro” to play as if you had pen and paper. No mistakes will be counted for you, no duplicates will be highlighted. It’s just you and your puzzle. - Choose one of the amazing 3 themes: paperwhite, dark (ideal for playing with less light) and original blue. - Unlock fun achievements. Can you finish a game in 30 seconds or solve a puzzle without undos? Additional challenges for additional fun. - Worldwide Leaderboard to compete with players of Sudoku from all over the world. Take this amazing brain training with you anywhere, anytime. Download it now and start playing the classic logic puzzles with numbers straight away. Free. If you have a critic, suggestion or just want to say "hi" please write us: [email protected] Follow us on social media: Facebook/outofthebit Twitter: @outofthebit
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Release:Jan 08, 2009
Updated:Aug 05, 2022
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