La Briscola Classic Card Games

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The most traditional Italian card game, loved all over the world! Easy but challenging: collect the most valuable cards …
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The most traditional Italian card game, loved all over the world! Easy but challenging: collect the most valuable cards and use your trumps wisely! Never played it? Start from the EASY level and learn the RULES in a blink; progress through the ACHIEVEMENTS and get to the more challenging levels. Are you a good Briscola player already? You think you are BETTER than our Artificial Intelligence? Go straight to the HARD level and prove it! La Briscola, true to the tradition, simple in the way you play it, will give you that feeling of laughing with family and friends, throwing your Aces on the table and shouting at the excitement of having just *the right card* on your hands. What you get with La Briscola - Classic Card Games: # Play against Briscola players from all over the world with the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. # Climb the Global High-Score (Leaderboard) and collect the super-fun ACHIEVEMENTS. # Play both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT orientation # Learn the rules from the “HELP” section. # CHOOSE the difficulty level that you like and test your abilities against the AI of our 3 virtual opponents for your SINGLE PLAYER games. # CHOOSE the card deck that you prefer. We have them ALL!! Beautiful and in HD, exclusively designed for La Briscola. The available decks are: -- Napoletane (Neapolitans) -- Siciliane -- Piacentine -- Milanesi -- Bergamasche -- Bresciane -- Romagnole -- Toscane -- Trevisane -- Sarde -- Piemontesi -- Poker (French) -- Spanish GET La Briscola on your iPhone and iPad just as you would carry a packet of cards in your pocket, as many Italians did, along with the most treasured emblems of their tradition (Pasta? Pizza? You name it!). Measure your SKILLS at La Briscola online with other players from all over the world, as in those lazy summer afternoons at a little table outside a bar or at a family reunion, when grandparents would teach basic strategy skills to the littlest one. La Briscola is all this. Playing cards and having fun. On your own, with friends, with other card players. La Briscola was among the first games to make it to the App Store and it's been collecting 5 stars in every Country, with kind comments like these: “I like this game, grew up playing it” “My mom’s favorite game. Love it. It's tradition in our home” “I'm Italian and I was raised with this game and I love this app” “Wow! Now I don't have to get together with my brothers to play. With all this practice they don't stand a chance. Pa would have loved this! Scopa, too!” “Great game played for hours with my Nonna and other Italian family members. Now I can play anytime and remember!” If you have any suggestion, feedback or question, please write us: [email protected] FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER @outofthebit
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