Step Buy Step: A Pedometer Adventure

Six to Start
Once you Step, you just can’t stop! Normal pedometers count your steps. Step Buy Step is different. Each step you take …
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Once you Step, you just can’t stop! Normal pedometers count your steps. Step Buy Step is different. Each step you take in the real world earns you Stepps. Walk ten steps and buy a Dog. Your canine companion adds an extra 4 Stepps to each of your own steps! Get 100 Stepps and it’s time to buy a Flock of Sheep. Now you’re really cooking: 40 Stepps per step and you’re covering 100 yards with every fall of your feet. Buy over 40 creature companions who'll join you on a journey around the world and beyond! Want to know what it’s like to cross an entire country with a single stride? We can show you: Step Buy Step. Made by Six to Start, co-creators of the world’s bestselling smartphone fitness game with over a million players, Zombies, Run! "Clever and fun" - The Guardian "Decidedly cute and fun... makes checking out your pedometer more entertaining" - Lifehacker A CAVALCADE OF CUTE COMPANIONS From a canine compatriot to a helpful hedgehog, Step Buy Step includes dozens of animals who will help you complete your challenges. Every animal increases how many Stepps you earn for each step you take, and you’ll need every Stepp you can get if you’re going to win your wager with Phileas Fogg himself! AUTOMATIC STEP-TRACKING Step Buy Step lives up to its name: it’ll track every step you take, letting you see just how far you walk every day. But this isn’t just some stuffy statistics tracker. This is a pedometer adventure game! With our moreish upgrade system, every step will take you further than the last, until a single step will cover miles. OPTIMISED FOR IPHONE 5S, 6 & 6 Plus Got the iPhone 5s, 6, or 6 Plus? Then you’ll love Step Buy Step — we use the M7 and M8 to count your steps even more accurately and with even less battery usage. NOTES - Requires iOS 7 - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Step Buy Step uses your phone’s accelerometer to measure your movement, and primarily uses wifi and cell towers to track location. We also use GPS sparingly when for tracking your walking routes.
Seller:Six to Start
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Release:Dec 09, 2014
Updated:Sep 02, 2015
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