Sky Aces 2

Game Dev Team
Press on into WWII in a bigger, brighter and more action packed adventure! Continue to live the glory as one of the dari…
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Press on into WWII in a bigger, brighter and more action packed adventure! Continue to live the glory as one of the daring air aces battling your way through WWII in full color HD graphics and intuitive touch controls. Help the allied (or Axis) powers to end the war fighting against tanks, troops, aircraft, cannons as well as many more obstacles between you and victory. Complete exciting offensive, defences and support mission flying a handful of classic proven upgradable aircraft though three exciting landscapes. Prove you're the best of the air aces once again! Features : • Basic Tutorial. • Challenging AI. • Simple large touch controls. • Choose Allied or Axis Powers. • Many Ranks to progress though. • Three different battle landscapes. • NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASES EVER! • Many different UPGRADABLE classic combat aircraft to fly. • Multiple mission types (Scouting, Capture the Flag, Destroy the Base, etc). FAQ: You may tap on the desired mission button on the world map to get the action started. When you start each mission, you may select your aircraft and extra module. You can choose between extra ammo, extra fuel or extra bombs. You have 4 stats to monitor: armor, fuel and bullets and bombs. There are two methods to replenish these stats. You may land anywhere on the map and wait for a refuelling track to refuel and reload more ammo. You can also land at your base again to reload your bombs and restore your armor too. You can also use your base to switch aircraft and even change your current module. You use the bombs and bullets to destroy enemy structures and units. On some missions, a friendly aircraft may takeoff occasionally to help you in battle. Tips: • Fly very high or very low to avoid AA guns. • Destroy as much as you can for most points. • Save your points to buy new stronger aircraft. • When you land, you are extremely vulnerable. • Use the top of the screen to make tight turns. • The enemies fire in bursts.
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Release:Nov 11, 2013
Updated:Jan 15, 2019
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