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3D Real-time strategy with simple controls, units assembly, attractive graphics, upgrade system and challenging AI. Mec…
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3D Real-time strategy with simple controls, units assembly, attractive graphics, upgrade system and challenging AI. MechCom is a new fast-paced stable 3D action RTS that is optimised for mobile devices. It’s heavily influenced by the popular open-source RTS, Warzone 2100 and Dune. It takes place in the year 2100 when two corporations go at it deploying powerful mechs and heavy hardware from the mothership in a classic RTS environment in the hunt for resources. It uses fluid touch controls that are aimed for simplicity and ease of use. Classic old-school resource collection mechanics are favoured as well as simple clear graphics. There are a number of customised mechs you can build as well as various structures. There are also a handful of upgrades that you can utilise which can mean the difference between victory and defeat against a clever and challenging AI. Finally there are a large number of maps (zones) to choose from for Custom Games or you can go with a Ranked Game where the computer matches you to your skill level depending on your rank and how many promotion points you have earned to keep you challenged. === How To Play === Gameplay primarily consists of building individual units and structures on build pads. You build a refinery to harvest minerals and convert them to money. You then use the money to build a broad assortment of unit components, upgrades and an assortment of structures such as an Armory to unlock multiple component upgrades (also costing money) and a turret for example. Once you create your army, you can converge on the map to take control of Beacons where you can deploy more units. Capturing and keeping Beacons is vital in making your way across the map. Engage and eliminate all opponent units and structures to be declared the victor. === Game Features === • Basic Tutorial. • Challenging AI. • Simple 3D graphics. • 7 Ranks to progress though. • Simple large touch controls. • 12 maps set in 3 different landscapes. • NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASES EVER! • Old-school resources collection system. • 2 game modes (Ranked Game and Custom Game). • 16 unique combinations of mechs PLUS UPGRADES! === Game Tips === • Strongest is not always best. • Upgrades and key to victory. • Hover chassis can go over water and works great for scouts. • Speed is important. Build as fast and as efficiently as you can. • Capture and keep as many Beacons as you can for the advantage. • Collect as many minerals as you can before the enemy collects them all. Good luck and have fun!
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