Save The Teenies

Ian Lewis
The Teenies need your help! Can you save them? "[The] true essence of mobile gaming ... [A] game that you just can’t …
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The Teenies need your help! Can you save them? "[The] true essence of mobile gaming ... [A] game that you just can’t put down." - Brus Media "Teenie success is the start of big things" - UTAS Media "Adorable! This game is too cute! I love it! :-)" - A. Berry Discover exciting and addictive action in this unique puzzle game! The aim of the game is simple: to help the very round and very cute Teenies get to a portal so they can go home. But the Teenies will need your help to overcome fire, water, electricity and their endearing tendency to roll the wrong way! FEATURES: • Splat, float and push the Teenies to safety in over 70 levels across 5 worlds. • 7 unique Teenie powers. • Variety of ways to finish each level. • Over 150 unique and exciting challenges for every level, can you beat them all? • Easy to learn, hard to master • Achievements, leaderboards and time challenges so you can compete with your friends. THE TEENIES: Our spherical friends need some assistance, but the Teenies aren’t completely helpless! Each Teenie has the power to change themselves into a powerful Teenie to help their friends to safety. • Splateenie – Becomes an immovable barrier • Ninjateenie – Swings to safety • Metalliteenie – Drops like a lead balloon • Floateenie – Drifts into the sky • Pushiteenie – Pushes the other Teenies around • Toobteenie – Warps other Teenies to a new location Like the Teenies on Facebook Follow the Teenies on Google+ Follow the Teenies on Twitter Save the Teenies contains optional In-App Purchases (IAP).These IAPs exist to support the developers and are not intrusive and completely optional. You can play the whole game for free, and there is no 'pay-to-win'. Please note this game is designed for iPhone® 5 and above. Users on iPhone® 4S and below may experience limited performance.
Seller:Ian Lewis
Genre:Family, Puzzle
Release:Dec 14, 2014
Updated:Feb 24, 2015
Size:535.1 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating: (2)
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal