Ragnarok CRUSH

◈ Game Description Experience Ragnarok Crush, a free mobile puzzle game which is easy for anyone to enjoy! # An adventu…
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◈ Game Description Experience Ragnarok Crush, a free mobile puzzle game which is easy for anyone to enjoy! # An adventure with Poring! Set out with Poring to find the gems of Ymir, a symbol of peace for the continent of Midgard! Match 3 gems in a row to accomplish your goal! # Juice-popping Poring Capsules and Angeling Potions! Create rhythmically popping Poring Capsules and Angeling Potions! A unique item only seen in Ragnarok Crush! # Cute, adorable monster armies! Meet with the adorable monsters of Ragnarok: Savage Babe, Deviruchi, and Ghostring. You can meet your trustworthy allies for free! # And a rescue plan for King Poring! Confront the boss monsters that defend the stages to move Poring and save King Poring! With 500 stages featuring different missions, you won't have a chance to get bored! # Are you ready to pop some gems and enjoy the stories of adorable Poring? Download right now~ ◈ Game Characteristics - Easy, free, and enjoyable! - Supports 10 languages. - You can also enjoy the game on a tablet. - Supports airplane mode. Enjoy your adventure! ◈ Caution Switching to a different device or deleting the app may delete game data. ◈ About requests for permission Ragnarok Crush does not request any permissions. Enjoy! ■ Product information and terms of service ■ ※ This product contains advertisements. - Producer: CEO Hyun Chul Park of Gravity Co., Ltd. - Terms of service and duration: According to the notices given in the game (If the period is not specified, it is assumed to be until the end of the service date) - Address: 396 World Cup Buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Sangam-dong, Nuri Dream Square Research Tower 15th Floor) ▶ Privacy Policy http://service.gnjoy.com/mobile/rocp/support/popupPrivacyEn.asp ▶ Terms of Service http://service.gnjoy.com/mobile/rocp/support/popupTermsEn.asp
Seller:GRAVITY Co., Ltd.
Release:Mar 21, 2019
Updated:Mar 21, 2019
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