The Text Based Adventure RPG "Quest Now" Arrives!!

A Demon King suddenly sets its feet onto a peacefu…
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The Text Based Adventure RPG "Quest Now" Arrives!!

A Demon King suddenly sets its feet onto a peaceful world.
"Only the true hero can defeat the Demon King."
This myth quickly traveled all around the world and so many Heroes claim themselves to be the"one".
The whole world now enters the phase of the Hero boom.
A ordinary person like you cannot fight against the Demon King. Thus,,,
You decided to cooperate with a Hero to defeat the Demon King...

Introduction of Quest Now
Greetings! I am a Hero's Guild Headquarters subordinate! I will briefly explain this game!

Your job is to command a Hero to search Dungeons!
Searching Dungeons is automatic, but while in Dungeons, you can also command the Hero!
Thus, it's a Semi-automatic RPG!

Vast number of Dungeons! Mysterious offers from ordinary people! And "Tower of Babel"!
Countless adventures are waiting for you in the "Quest Now" world!

You can wait and see how the Quest is going and then command the Hero.
You can reinforce the equipments! You can send the Hero to the Tower of Babel and make the Hero even stronger!!
There are tons of strategies you can choose from! Bring peace to the world!

Life of the Hero and the peace of the world are in your hands.

Alright then! We will be waiting for you in the "Quest Now" world!
Other functions in Game
・Connect with Twitter&Facebook!
When you post on a Facebook/Twitter from "Quest Now," you can earn 10 Babel Coin once a day by Posting/Tweetong with "#QUEST NOW" tag at the beginning!
Post/Tweet what you are doing and earn Babel Coin!

・Now corresponds to GameCenter!
You can compete the Highest Floors Reached in "Tower of Babel" with people all over the world!
Let's battle with many other Heroes out there!!
Be the ultimate hero!!
※Caution for Purchasing Babel Coin
Babel Coin can be purchased inside the game. Please be aware of following:
- If you are having trouble with the transaction, please check your internet connection and make sure to allow "Purchase within Application" on your device.
- Please stay connected to the internet until your purchase is complete. If the internet is disconnected, your purchased Babel Coin may be Lost.
- Please keep the application on while transaction.
- If you decide to delete "Quest Now," please make sure that you keep the Back-up in iTunes. If you don't, your Babel Coin may be lost.
- Babel Coin cannot be re-downloaded.
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Oct 27, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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