Touch Action Game "GATE"

You must open the oncoming doors to proceed.

"GATE" is a…
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Touch Action Game "GATE"

You must open the oncoming doors to proceed.

"GATE" is a touch action game which has players open oncoming doors ("gates") by making full use of the iPhone's unique touch, tap, flick and drag techniques.

Game Functions
- Modes
TIME ATTACK mode is a race against time to open a set number of doors.
There are EASY, NORMAL and HARD difficulty levels, along with the CHAIN:25 mini-game.
In SURVIVAL mode, compete for the highest number of doors opened. There are STANDARD and EXTREME difficulty levels.
EXTREME has many tricks which are difficult to deal with.

- Save high scores
Top ten scores are saved for all modes and levels.

How to play
Making full use of touch, tap, flick and drag techniques to open the doors.
-sliding the doors left and right.
-turning the symbols above the doors with the finger.
-touching all the targets on the door.

Walkthrough Tips
Using both tap and touch techniques and, in some cases, using multi-touch techniques will be the key.
Make effective use of touch and drag against multiple targets!

...Open the GATE!!
Genre:Education, Action
Release:Mar 10, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal