Puzzle Warriors Adventure

Loic Argelies
*** NEW *** Game is now available in both English and French! TACTICAL PUZZLE BATTLES & SPELLCASTING - A NEW, DEEP PUZZ…
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*** NEW *** Game is now available in both English and French! TACTICAL PUZZLE BATTLES & SPELLCASTING - A NEW, DEEP PUZZLE RPG ADVENTURE! Immerse yourself in a satisfying blend of puzzle combat mechanics, spell casting and role playing progression in the hand-painted world of Four-Haven. You will explore the land and meet its characters, defeat enigmatic creatures in battle, and capture the strongest ones to make them your battle pets! AN EXCITING STORY Exiled from the kingdom 10 years ago as a child for nebulous reasons, you return to your homeland at the request of Kertil, the King's Wizard and your old mentor. The sea kingdom of Four-Haven is in trouble: its population has all but vanished, the royal family is missing after a brazen attack on the castle, and scores of plant and animal like creatures have appeared across the land. You set out for the four islands of Four-Haven in search of the royal family, in the hope of discovering who, or what, is behind the recent events… HOURS OF GAMEPLAY Explore the Sea Kingdom of Four-Haven and progressively unlock tactical battle options as you play. Capture creatures and invoke them directly in battle in your puzzle board to prevail! EXPLORATION AND IMMERSIVE STORYLINE Discover what is happening in the kingdom by finding and rescuing its major characters. Start your journey to save Four-Haven's King, your father, and get to unfold parts of your own origins in the process. You are back to your homeland after a long absence, and the royal family is missing. PROGRESSIVE DIFFICULTY Live your adventure at the difficulty that suits you - unstoppable fun or intensive skilled moves, the game progression will meet your level of challenge. Complete "Divinity" level to rival the game creators skills and the best world players! FEATURES: ¤ Explore the universe of Four-Haven and travel around 30+ world locations! ¤ Fight against creatures in Tetris-like puzzle-combats and use simple puzzle moves to deep tactical options and spells to finish them all! ¤ Follow your path and progress through a thrilling story with loot, gear equipping, dozens of items to discover and 128+ character upgrades. ¤ Capture, collect, tame and train creatures into powerful allies! ¤ Rescue storyline characters and unlock potion crafting, achievement rewards, item stores and much more… PWA UPDATE 1.5 IS OUT! NEW BATTLE GAMEPLAY & MAJOR GRAPHICS IMPROVEMENTS!! - Greatly improved battle graphics and playability on phone devices - New battle environments - New battle gameplay with all puzzle matches now generating attacks (previously, match-4 pops counted as defence only) - Smarter and faster battle opponent AI - New economy & player character progression, with new loot and crystals of power - New Wizard Tower Store - you can now sell items! - Social share. Share battle results to FB or Twitter! - Battle leaderboards. Compare your skills with world players! - Push notifications for potions and creature training! - Game is now available in both English and French - No more mandatory paywall inside the game - The game is now running in 64 bits (instead of 32) - A good trillion internal game fixes, performance & memory improvements IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the depth of improvements, changes and additions to the game, it is best to start over with a new character after updating the game to 1.5. This game allows in-game purchases. All purchases are completely optional. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING PUZZLE WARRIORS ADVENTURE! Be sure to join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/casualimmersions/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/CasimmVancouver and let us know about the brand new features and improvements. WEBSITE www.puzzlewarriorsadventure.com
Seller:Loic Argelies
Genre:Puzzle, Role Playing
Release:Sep 25, 2014
Updated:Oct 03, 2017
Size:497.2 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal