Police Chase Traffic Race Real Crime Fighting Road Racing Game

Aidem Media
“Calling All Cars”! As a Police Traffic Officer, can you chase down and catch the Criminals’ Get-Away cars before they “…
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“Calling All Cars”! As a Police Traffic Officer, can you chase down and catch the Criminals’ Get-Away cars before they “get away”? Enter dozens of exciting high-speed Missions, weave through traffic and use your driving skills to stop the suspects from escaping! All in a day’s work for a Traffic Cop! _____________________________ PARK 3 AWESOME POLICE INTERCEPTOR CARS Do your duty in 3 of the Forces Finest Police Cars! The powerful Muscle Car will give you the grunt you need to keep up with these speedy suspects! The strong 4x4 is perfect for when the street fight turns rough. The stunning Supercar is what you need when the chase picks up speed. _____________________________ CHASE THE SUSPECT Get involved in intense high-speed chases through the busy city streets. Track down the Criminals and DON’T LOSE THEM! Your reflexes will need to be on top form to keep up with the ‘Crazy Crims’ in this town! SMASH into their car to pass each Mission in spectacular style, but you’ll need to avoid crashing into innocent traffic! _____________________________ INCREDIBLE SPEED & HANDLING Become One with your machine! Learn the intricacies of each Police Cars handling and outfox the criminals with clever driving – using control, short-cuts, skill and a bit of luck! We’re sure you’ll be the best Officer the city has ever seen! _____________________________ FREE TO PLAY The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to Play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes that alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through In-App Purchases. Each mode has separate GameCenter leaderboards to make for totally fair online competition! _____________________________ GAME FEATURES ▶ POLICE Car Chase Simulator ▶ SMASH into Suspects to beat each Mission in the fastest time! ▶ EXTREME High Speed City Car Chases ▶ REALISTIC City, HD Graphics, Awesome Car Handling and Real Moving Traffic to avoid! ▶100% Free-2-Play Missions ▶ CONTROLS: Choose between Buttons, Wheel and Tilt. ▶ Includes MFi Game Controller Support ▶ CAMERAS: Multiple cameras including a First Person view ▶ OPTIMISED: Runs on anything from (or better than) the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Mini & iPod Touch (4th Generation) ------------------------------------------------- From the creators of “The Best Parking Games on the App Store” (a comment given by many of our happy players!). See our other games for many more exciting Parking Simulator games!
Seller:Aidem Media
Genre:Racing, Sports
Release:Sep 29, 2015
Updated:Oct 06, 2015
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