Pirate Cracker

Glenn Stenbring
Pirate Cracker is a free pirate game. The goal is to find all the pirate treasures to be able to become the Pirate Capta…
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Pirate Cracker is a free pirate game. The goal is to find all the pirate treasures to be able to become the Pirate Captain. When you have found the pirate ship you have won and you will become the Pirate Captain. HOW TO PLAY: 1. Swipe your finger and throw the cannon ball to crush the chests to look for treasures 2. Follow the treasure map - you´ll need to find all the treasures to deserve that title 3. Everyone starts off as the Powder Monkey, the worst job on the ship, but the more treasures you´ll find the better job you´ll get 4. When you´ve found the biggest treasure, the Pirate Ship, you´ll become the Pirate Captain FEATURES: • Free to play! • Crush the chests to find the pirate treasures • Play a fun Prize Spinning Wheel to collect coins and booster items • Octopuses will help you to shoot more cannon balls • Bombs will help you to clean the screen • Starter pack available with free boosters, free spins and coins • Boosters available before you play • Exciting and addictive • Escape to the tropical islands and swipe your stress away • Share with your friends • Challenge your friends with the best high score • Unique pirate game - there are no other games like this one using this theme in this kind of way to play • Try it out and you won’t have a dull moment for a long time - Easy and fun, everyone can play • It is so original and addictive that anyone looking for something new should give it a try! ACHIEVEMENTS & RANKING: 1. Pirate Captain - the winner! 2. Quartermaster 3. Sailing Master 4. Boatswain 5. Chronicler 6. Gunner 7. Swordsman 8. Blacksmith 9. Lookout 10. Cabin Boy 11. Powder Monkey – starting point When you have succeeded to become the Pirate Captain please let us know on our social media channels: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]_cracker Do you like to play this pirate game? Please leave a review and let us know! For any other issues please contact us at [email protected] Good Luck! www.piratecracker.com
Seller:Glenn Stenbring
Genre:Adventure, Arcade
Release:Aug 28, 2018
Updated:Sep 06, 2018
Size:172.3 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal