Orc Dungeon

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Orc Dungeon is a turn-based strategy game. Explore dungeons, fight monsters, earn weapons, upgrade your heroes, build a …
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Orc Dungeon is a turn-based strategy game. Explore dungeons, fight monsters, earn weapons, upgrade your heroes, build a team, enter PvP tournaments and join guilds for co-op dungeons exploration. PLAY AS AN ORC Start your adventure with Orky Balboa, an orc Prince rejected by his father. He is condemned to explore the dungeons and amass a full suit of armor to be allowed to return to his kingdom. ROLL THE DICE Unique battle system: Roll the dice to match your hero's weapons dice to trigger your attacks and defenses. Choose how to distribute the rolled dice across your armory. Be careful as the opponent uses the same dice as you to trigger his own equipment and counterattack. You can opt to reroll, but that means that the opponent will also be able to add more dice to his own weapons... So, make the right choice when assigning dice on weapons and rerolling. Plenty of strategies are renewed after each fight! A CHOICE OF WEAPONS Collect and upgrade dozens of weapons and shields. Some weapons don’t require many dice to trigger, some require a lot but are far more powerful. Upgrade your favorite equipment to improve them and unlock special powers. Customize them with magic stones to boost their powers even more! YOUR OWN PERSONALISED HEROES Build your unique heroes with weapons, shields, special abilities, skill points, magic dice, dice chest, etc. Equip your hero wisely with up to two weapons and two shields to have the best combination when rolling dice. Unlock your hero’s unique ability and improve it. Assign skill points to improve health, damage, defense, recovery speed, etc. Earn magic dice to protect your hero against special abilities. ONLINE PVP TOURNAMENTS Gather a team of up to three heroes and enter the online tournaments to compete with other players in PvP mode. Climb the worldwide leaderboard ladders to reach the top! INTER-GUILD COMPETITIONS AND CO-OP DUNGEON EXPLORATION Join a guild, chat with friends and explore cavernous dungeons together. Only the guilds with the bravest adventurers will reach the top of the guilds leaderboard! Orc Dungeon has a refreshing gameplay that will challenge your strategic skills. If you like old-school RPG, but want modern mobile gameplay, this game is for you!
Seller:Green Skin
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Feb 13, 2019
Updated:Apr 12, 2019
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