My Squares! Here & Now!

GearDiary: If you are interested in challenging puzzles games, consider this one a must-buy!

SimpleHelp: There’…
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GearDiary: If you are interested in challenging puzzles games, consider this one a must-buy!

SimpleHelp: There’s a refreshingly compelling strategy game lying just beneath the surface. I’ll be playing this one for a while.

AppChatter: Once you understand the game, it is fun and challenging for all ages.


My Squares! Here & Now! is a cleaver strategy turn-based board game that will challenge even the cleverest of thinkers. The game features four players, any number of which can be human or computer, thousands of levels, three difficulty settings and two game modes.

The goal is to conquer several squares, preferably on higher valued squares. The player with the most points, not squares, wins. Depending on which game mode you are playing, each game can consist of one or more rounds. The winner of the round receives the points earned at the end of the round.

Once everyone but the last player is dead, the game continues only until the current round is finished. Then the points for that round is calculated as normal and the winner is the one with the most points overall. Each teleport will give hundred bonus points.

Each player in turn, can get around the board using three moves. If you move one space, then you conquer the square behind you. Move two spaces away and your character will jump and conquer the surrounding squares. If you select the square you're stood on, you'll be teleported to another random square.

Squares vary in value from 40 to 20 to 10. Squares with a triangle are worth 40 points, squares with a circle are worth 20 points, and the squares without symbols are worth 10 points. An extra teleport is earned every thousand points scored.

The game saves your current game progress so you can return and play from where you left off. In the Main Menu, select "CONTINUE GAME" to resume your game from your last session.

You can submit your highscores to the online "HALL OF FAME" where you can compete against other players around the world! You just need a player name, and you're ready to become the best player in the world!


- Level Editor
- Multiplayer

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Release:Jul 18, 2009
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