Alien VS Jungle Free

Rapid Turtle Games
***CELEBRATING THE RELEASE OF “WORLD OF KHAOS” ***World of Khaos for Mac on the BEST NEW GAMES list spot #1 in more than…
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***CELEBRATING THE RELEASE OF “WORLD OF KHAOS” ***World of Khaos for Mac on the BEST NEW GAMES list spot #1 in more than 150 countries!*** ** Run, jump, avoid or knock down animals, complete missions, buy upgrades and get the alien dude out of the jungle! ** Beep... beep... BOOM... trash! The spaceship crashed! Holy crap! In the jungle, Amazon, Brazil! Poor little alien calling for help... teet-teet... no answer. What should he do in the middle of the jungle alone? To hurry to get a new spaceship and to catch up with his fellows on the way to home! So, what are you waiting for? You're going for a big run through the jungle! Get ready your running and jumping skills because lots of tasks are waiting for you! Animals inhabiting the jungle aren't friendly thus keen reflexes are your best weapon, and there are dozens of missions to complete, achievements to unlock, and friends to beat on the online leaderboards. There are so many things you will see and do in your journey. Plethora of power-ups are ready for your little alien dude to utilize, friendly animals to ride, and of course some cool alien technology is ready to be used. Features: - Incredible easy to learn controls - A lot of items, power-ups and other gadgets to utilize - Various jungle animals to avoid or knock down - Many ranks to achieve - Dozens of missions to complete - Treasures for big coin bonuses - Friendly animals to ride/fly with - Plenty of achievements to unlock - Online leaderboards to compete against your friends - Crisp and clean graphics with a nice jungle experience - Unlimited hours of playtime
Seller:Rapid Turtle Games
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 25, 2012
Updated:Apr 08, 2014
Size:107.3 MB
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