Monster Maestro

★★★★★- "This is definitely a fun game, this is the 1st card game I've liked."

★★★★★- "I love thi…
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★★★★★- "This is definitely a fun game, this is the 1st card game I've liked."

★★★★★- "I love this game. You can get awesome and cute monsters."

★★★★★- "Awesome game. I've been playing for only an hour and I'm already hooked on it."

★★★★★- "Cool game. Super Addicting!!"

■ A Monstrously Fun Social Card Game ■
Join forces with friends, cultivate your monsters,
and jump into a world of captivating adventure!

Complete quests, collect cards and take command in battle.
Form the strongest crew and reach for the respected title of Monster Maestro!

About the Game

★ Monster Maestro takes place in a universe full of monsters with mysterious powers!
Get to know the monsters and their specialties, then take them on adventures full of battle and discovery.

★ Set out on quests and learn more about the monsters. Win battles and get monster cards.
Arrange your favorite cards to create the strongest team!

★ Enhance and evolve your monsters to create strong new creatures, then challenge other Maestros to card battles.

★ Collect treasure on quests and build your collection of rare cards. You can steal treasure from other players too!


In a world full of monsters with mysterious powers,
you come across a wise elder named Elric who studies the monsters and their habitats.

He is a world-renowned Monster Maestro, one of the few with a thorough knowledge of the monster universe.

"There's not much to say about me. But let me show you this. . ."

Elric pulls out a card with an illustration of a monster and invites you to place your hand upon it.
You take his suggestion and slowly place your hand on the card.
As you make contact, a monster suddenly emerges from the card's surface!

"Surprised you, huh? This is what being a Maestro is all about..."

In this world, some people have learned to join forces with monsters
to explore new realms and do battle with others.
These pioneers are called “Maestros.”

A Maestro catches monsters,
then seals them up inside of cards.
Later he can summon these monsters to participate in battle.
Each day the Maestros set out on expeditions to gather powerful monsters and build stronger teams.

When you hear this, your eyes begin to sparkle.
Elric laughs. "Oh, look at those eyes! This one has promise!"

Elric proposes that you join him as a novice Maestro on his monster quests.
And so begins your adventure of courage, discovery, and friendship.
By following in Elric’s footsteps, you’re also taking your first step toward achieving the honored title of Monster Maestro. . .

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Genre:Action, Card
Release:Aug 10, 2012
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