Galaxy Saga

A free-to-play and a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE galactic MMORPG battle card game is now available!
Lead your troop to the co…
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A free-to-play and a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE galactic MMORPG battle card game is now available!
Lead your troop to the cosmic sea and conquer the universe!
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Gameplay Features

■ Absolutely Gorgeous Cards!
Complete missions and triumph in battles to get them!
Each card is painstakingly commissioned to famous artists throughout the world who infuse the cards with their own technique and uniqueness.

■ Compelling Smartphone-Tailored Missions
Rich and varied battlefields and scenery await you, along with a multitude of cool special effects. Let the game show you a wondrous world right on your mobile that you've only ever dreamed about!

■ Intensely Appealing Soundtrack!
A musical score that puts other commercial productions to shame!
Melodies change with each screen to evoke anywhere from grandeur to fantastical wonder and immerse you in the whole experience!

■ Tons of Events!
Exciting events churn forth all the time! Details within the game!

■ Alliance Rivalries!
Join forces with friends and work together against rival factions to prove the power of your alliance in limited time events!
Special edition cards are just one of the many awesome prizes awaiting those who do well in the events!

The Story

"The Second Galactic War is over. But all is not well.

The conflict between the three major powers ended in enigma as they were all attacked simultaneously. Their new enemy? Dark Matter, a dominion shrouded in mystery.

The Malkan Federation
The Norch Republic
The Vejim Empire

Under duress and in desperation, the three domains joined forces. The fruits of this alliance bore an organization known as Trinity.

Your destiny is to lead Trinity through the cosmic seas! Gather your comrades, confront Dark Matter, and restore order to the chaos gripping the galaxy!

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■ Galaxy Saga ■
Genre:Action, Card
Release:Nov 02, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal