Mines of Moria

Rufe.org LLC
You are tasked with slaying the Balrog deep within the Mines of Moria. A translation of Robert Alan Koeneke's (1957-2022…
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You are tasked with slaying the Balrog deep within the Mines of Moria. A translation of Robert Alan Koeneke's (1957-2022) Moria into a touchscreen first experience. Warrior is recommended for new players. Choose one of six playable classes with a randomly selected race. ### Let's agree on a few concepts * small download; small patches (size matters) * battery is limited, use only what you need (portable) * finger down immediately executes game actions (responsive) * input may be reverted (forgive) * offline: no network access, no ads, no in-game transactions (focus) * turn based (subjective pacing) ### Roguelike Moria is a direct descendent of Rogue. In the original game, death of your character deletes the save state. This game takes a more gentle stance, allowing you to undo prior actions or retry the dungeon level. As you descend, each dungeon level performs a save of your character. You may not rewind game actions beyond this save point. Closing the game reverts to this save point. Upon death you have the option to restart the dungeon, rewind one action, or delete your character. ### Game Progression * Attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma) * Experience (Character Level) * Spells (Non-Warrior classes) * Equipment (Weapon, Armor, Rings, Amulet, Helm, Gloves, Boots, Cloak, Shield, Light, Offhand) * Dungeon Depth (Monster density & variety, Object density and variety, Signature treasure rooms, etc) ### Save Points Entering a level performs a persistent save of your character. You may archive one save per character class. The option to archive the character is given when Game Reset is selected from the Advanced Game Actions menu. This means you can have at most 2 save files per class (1 current; 1 archived). ### Control Details A finger may be held on any inactive region of the screen. Using a second finger to tap a control activates an alternate mode. #### Gameplay Mode TOUCHPAD: * CENTER acknowledges pending message (suffixed with -more-) * LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN attack/move TOUCHPAD (two fingers on the screen): * CENTER advanced game actions (rest character, undo, etc) * LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN once to run; twice for mining a wall LEFT BUTTON: * Inventory * Drop mode (two fingers on the screen) RIGHT BUTTON: * Engages with context-sensitive interactions of the dungeon. Pick up objects, traverse the stairs, enter a store, or search for hidden traps and doors. Game View: * Touch the gameplay area for object and monster information * Zoom adjustment (second finger on the gameplay area) * Message history by touching text top center * Dungeon map by touching the minimap top right * Character stats by touching the vitals top left #### Overlay Mode An overlay displays information about your inventory, equipment, shops, the pawn, spell books, etc. TOUCHPAD: * CENTER study an item * LEFT/RIGHT inventory vs. equipment selection * Second finger UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT quickstep up / down / first / last LEFT BUTTON: * Cancel action RIGHT BUTTON: INVENTORY: * Throw, eat, quaff, read, zap, invoke staff, read book, wear or wield equipment EQUIPMENT: * Primary weapon: stow to offhand (protected from disenchant, theft, etc) * Remove armor DROP: * Shows weight of objects; may target equipment or inventory SHOP/PAWN: * Buy/sell Customization: * Sort Inventory (tap second finger on the list overlay) ### Hardware Limitations * 720p+ display resolution * arm architecture (arm64-v8a or armeabi-v7a) ### Feedback * Email [email protected] * You have agency in this world; Let us know how we can improve the experience for you. You may want to include the device you are playing on (there are many supported pieces of hardware!)
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Release:Apr 26, 2023
Updated:May 29, 2023
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