Merge Survival : Wasteland

Sticky Hands Inc.
Hello. My name is Eden and ever since "that day", I have become alone and been living a wandering life. Due to many peop…
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Hello. My name is Eden and ever since "that day", I have become alone and been living a wandering life. Due to many people's selfishness, our environment has been destroyed and became a difficult world to live in. Living alone in this world full of chaos is very exhausting and lonely. Can I possibly survive in a place like this...? Hey, you there! I think you can help me out! Could you please help me out so I can stay safe and survive in this world of misery? This is a story of people surviving in the post-apocalypse world created by environmental pollution and disasters. Merge to create survival materials, and find any new resources or hidden locations by exploring. Create an "Eco-Friendly Camp" to live in harmony with nature and other survivors. ▶ Create various survival items by "merging". - A whole lot of fun creating various survival tools by merging abandoned resources. - Complete quests with the created survival tools, and help Eden survive. - Learn the meaning of resource recycling, and complete your item collection. ▶ A "survival" story of the ones who live in the "Post-Apocalypse". - An interesting story of encounters, conflicts, and living together with other survivors will unfold. - Aren't you curious about the stories of people and animals you meet in despair? ▶ Build a "production facility" in the camp or "explore" to find the hidden locations. - Build a production facility to "recycle" resources or acquire special resources. - Find hidden locations or special resources by exploring with your friends. ▶ Enjoy the "strategy" of finding the materials you need for survival. - Have fun by strategically collecting survival essentials such as water and oxygen. We request permission to access memory for a stable game progress. - Customer Support : Settings>Customer Support [email protected] - Join our community :
Seller:Sticky Hands Inc.
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:May 14, 2023
Updated:May 28, 2023
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