Krosmaster Arena

--- TO BECOME THE MASTER OF THE KROSMOZ... YOU'LL HAVE TO THINK LITTLE --- Challenge players the world over in a tactic…
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--- TO BECOME THE MASTER OF THE KROSMOZ... YOU'LL HAVE TO THINK LITTLE --- Challenge players the world over in a tactical board game that seamlessly blends strategy and epic battles! Discover more than a hundred COLLECTIBLE fighters, ready to face down your enemies in ruthless battles where anything can happen! CREATE YOUR TEAM of heroes and prepare to rule the battlefield. Against the Krosmaster bosses or player versus player, plan your move... and HIT HARD! --- DISCOVER THE MULTIPLAYER GAME WHICH BRINGS ALL THE GREATEST FIGHTERS TOGETHER ON ONE BOARD! --- THE BIGGEST LITTLE HEROES Appearances can be deceiving! These figures may be small and cute, but the power they wield is incredible. Each fighter has their own 3D attack - never has a board game seemed so animated! MORE THAN 100 FIGURINES TO COLLECT In addition to collecting them, there are seemingly infinite ways to combine fighters into elite teams to dominate the arena! New figurines are added regularly – there are even real, physical figurines available in stores who can swell your ranks thanks to a code which unlocks their virtual in-game versions! 4 GAMEPLAY MODES TO BLOW YOUR MIND! 1 campaign mode to go off an adventure against Krosmaster bosses. 1 match mode to challenge friends. 1 tournament mode to hone your competitive skills and help you fight your way to the top of the rankings. And soon, 1 dungeon mode! THE ENTIRE WORLD IN ONE PvP ARENA Even adversaries on the other side of the world shall not be spared from your wrath! 6 DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS TO FACE OFF IN See the Krosmoz. Meet interesting opponents. SMASH THEM. A MULTI-PLATFORM GAME Go from your computer to your tablet! No matter how you connect, you can play. (With the physical version of the board game, you can even play against your family and friends in your living room!) ALL THE HEROES OF THE KROSMOZ ON ONE BOARD Before being an online game, Krosmaster Arena was a board game inspired by the turn-by-turn gameplay of DOFUS and WAKFU. And where did all these heroes come from, you wonder? From DOFUS and WAKFU's World of Twelve, obviously! Each figurine, aside from looking fantastic on your shelf, will unlock their digital twin in the online game thanksto a unique code. = WORKS ON THE FOLLOWING DEVICES = - iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad with Retina Display
Genre:Board, Strategy
Release:Mar 17, 2016
Updated:Mar 24, 2016
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