Ice Hole Fishing

Experience fishing like never before! How much can you catch before your ice raft melts? -- TRY FUN & FREE GAME NOW!…
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Experience fishing like never before! How much can you catch before your ice raft melts? -- TRY FUN & FREE GAME NOW! -- Use your skills to hook bigger and more exotic fish.

You’re stranded on a melting ice raft. How much can you fish before you take a dip in the sea?

Jig the fishing lure up and down by simply flicking your device. Go deep with your hook for extra points from big and exotic catch. But be careful when going for a high score - something may snap the line. When the fish strikes, reel it in with a couple of powerful jerks or you may lose your catch!

Ice Hole Fishing is great for all gamers who have a competitive streak in them. You can share your top score and challenge friends for angling mastery! The developer of the game, Dodreams Ltd., has published loved free-to-play titles like Balloon Dolly and Fading Fairytales.

This game is a fishing experience like never before. Ice Hole Fishing requires skill. Flick your iPhone or iPad steadily to keep the hook at desired depth. The deeper you go, the better your chance of catching something more valuable. So keep an eye out for the more exotic species. Just don’t let the Swordfish cut your line. See the fish guide book to plan your strategy for beating your friends.

You’ll love this game even if you can’t bear the thought of spending a day on water. It has been developed in Finland, the land of the toughest winters in the world. Ice fishing is important to us. Catching seafood was a question of survival for our ancestors. Now we have turned into a game for your entertainment.

Ice Hole Fishing supports iCloud storage. We value the time and dedication it takes to get your high score. So we ensure that the top score goes with you to all your iOS devices.

Dodreams Ltd. is the developer of a series of mini-games that are completely free. You can play as much and often as you want. There are no paywalls, hidden costs, or forcing you to invite friends to the game to get more content. Our goal is to provide safe and fun entertainment for all players.

We make money with advertisement in our games. You can read our Privacy Policy from this link: It explains what kind of information we may gather on users and how it is used.

We hope you enjoy the game and would love to hear your feedback. You can email us at contact [at] dodreams [dot] com with your ideas, thoughts or any issues you need help with. You can also follow us on Twitter (

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