Board Tanks

Command a group of tanks into battle against your friend. Who will be the victor of this mini-chess tank war? -- TRY FUN…
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Command a group of tanks into battle against your friend. Who will be the victor of this mini-chess tank war? -- TRY FUN & FREE GAME NOW! -- Use your wit to outmaneuver the enemy. Surprise them with a full blast from your main gun!


Your group of four tanks arrive at the outskirts of abandoned village. You know that an enemy of equal strength is positioned somewhere on the other side. Do you know storm the village or carefully position your war machines?

Experience the fog of war as you command four different tanks. Each has their strengths and weaknesses:

* Tank destroyer - has the most firepower, but requires line of sight to the enemy
* Heavy tank - can withstand hits but has poor range
* Light tank - reconnaissance tank with high speed and range, but poor armor
* Artillery tank - can shoot over obstructions like buildings to hit targets accurately

Take turns with your friend in this player vs. player battle. Position your tanks and fire away! However, attacking the enemy head on rarely produces much damage. Your shells may ricochet from thick armor plates. Use your smarts to find the enemy’s weakness.


Board Tanks is strategic war game that works like a mini-chess match. Have a quick battle with your friend on the same device. You can punish your friend for mistakes in the game. Just don’t leave your own flank open for attack!

Its more fun beating your friend when you are playing face-to-face. Gamers with a competitive streak will enjoy this game. The only way to win is with your skills and brains.


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