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◉ Featured by Apple as a Best New Game ◉ ◉ Featured as a game to play 'While You Wait' ◉ It is said that no one has eve…
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◉ Featured by Apple as a Best New Game ◉ ◉ Featured as a game to play 'While You Wait' ◉ It is said that no one has ever destroyed more than 500 enemies during an attack. Will you be the first one? An alien enemy has just launched a massive attack on Earth targeting major cities and landmarks around the world. You are the commander of Earths ballistic missile defensive units. Your mission is to go ballistic destroying the black and white enemy using state of the art ballistic missiles. To destroy the black enemy, tap the black button. To destroy the white enemy, tap the white button. WARNING: The enemy grows bigger every time you shoot it with the wrong coloured missile. You'll need to shoot it with the correct coloured missile to reduce it to original size for it to be destroyed. During an attack, the enemy will increase in speed. VERY IMPORTANT: If all hope is lost, you can tap the missile launcher to fire the 'ultimate' ballistic missile. This destroys all visible enemies in one go giving you time to recover. This can only be done once per attack so use sparingly. As a sign of skill, depending on the number of enemies destroyed, you'll be able to select different missile launchers. Go ballistic and victory can be yours. FEATURES: ◉ Fast and furious gameplay (enemies speed up) ◉ 13 different enemy types to destroy (if good enough) ◉ 3 game modes ◉ Multiple backgrounds / themes ◉ In-game achievements ◉ Game Centre leaderboard ◉ Pumping energetic soundtracks ◉ Awesome missile and explosion sounds ◉ Unlock missile launchers as a sign of skill and rank ◉ Single in app purchase to unlock every missile launcher and remove ads. ◉ Free to play
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 26, 2015
Updated:Jul 25, 2016
Size:14.6 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal