Gnomium: Pocket Edition - Action Word Puzzler

Retrodigio LLC
"Like, I want to play Gnomium right now because forming words and popping tiles looks like the equivalent of popping bub…
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"Like, I want to play Gnomium right now because forming words and popping tiles looks like the equivalent of popping bubble wrap." - Carter Dotson, Play the worlds first 'reactive' word puzzle, with hours of challenging game play (and a very cool flying pickax). This word-game that plays like an arcade game will have you mining and collect ore, coins and precious gems from a magical letter grid in the sky. "It's like an up-beat mixture of Scrabble and Tetris with a cool matching element that keeps the pace going. It's all of my favorite genres in one!" Become a master grid-manipulator by carefully (or brutally) amassing fortunes of copper, silver and gold through sequences of orderly word destruction. Unlike most word games, Gnomium's core game play focuses on re-arranging words rather than finding them. In fact, the most efficient way to play is by not thinking of words at all, but rather sliding existing words to fill in empty spaces in order to create larger word combinations before you destroy them. How to play: With a limited number of tiles, use your skillful finger to slide words and swap tiles. Like hungry puzzle pieces, watch the grid find and link the most valuable words for you. Tap copper, silver and gold word-groups to mine precious ore and produce coins. Match 3 or more coins to produce more valuable coins and gems. Discover hidden strategies to prolong your game by acquiring higher level gems to open the 12 jeweled chests. This fast-paced action puzzler is fun and challenging for both young and old. Can you open the diamond treasure chest? If you're playing Gnomium slowly, you're thinking too hard. ;) * Discover secret and clever strategies for producing letter tiles, and opening jeweled chests to prolong your game. * Play on randomly generated grids. No two games are the same. * Find unique items such as hats that temporarily change up the game rules. * Spend your hard-earned coins on a dozen booster items to improve your next game. * Share funny gnome selfies with ad-libs generated from words found in your game. * Challenge your friends to the highest score on Game Center leader boards. * Enjoy artwork by award-winning artist Roland Vinh. * Chill to 15 dynamically mixed mini-tracks by Pentameter, composed entirely in Propellerhead’s Figure for iOS. Help improve Gnomium by sending feedback to [email protected] Watch a gameplay video: If you have time, please rate us and leave a review. I read all reviews and carefully consider your feedback for new updates.
Seller:Retrodigio LLC
Genre:Puzzle, Word
Release:Jan 13, 2016
Updated:Jan 13, 2016
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