Fleets of Heroes

Inner Hero LLC
Join in the exploration of a rich and ruthless universe run by space mavericks and heroes, competing in an intergalactic…
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Join in the exploration of a rich and ruthless universe run by space mavericks and heroes, competing in an intergalactic free-for-all for valuable resources and equipment. Build and expand your base from a small outpost to an active and heavily defended center for civilization in the reaches of space. • UNLOCK and UPGRADE multiple structures for resources, development, and defense • RELOCATE to your favorite location in the universe • STRATEGIZE and DESIGN your base to make sure that all structures are connected to the power grid • FAST PACED space battles with STRATEGIC choices • CHOOSE and CONTROL elite Hero Ship units to determine your own tactics in the flow of battle • TRADE items and resources with users worldwide • COMPETE in weekly tournaments for rewards such as rare equipment and gear • CUSTOMIZE your experience with unique abilities, and a point-based player talent system • ROBUST equipment system for millions of different possible setups • ALLY with others by creating your FEDERATION or joining others • REWARDS based PVP, win or lose, KEEP your hard earned resources • STATELESS servers, play with any friend, anywhere Select Heroes to pilot your most advanced ships, and strategically place turrets and traps inside your base to defend your position. Make sure to utilize the power grid for maximum efficiency! Trade resources and equipment with your allies, and join or start your own Federation to participate in weekly tournaments for galactic rewards! As you grow, enlist more Heroes, unlock more ships, and relocate your base to any number of remote sites across the universe. Fleets of Heroes requires an internet connection. Before downloading this game, please note that this application contains links to social media, options to spend real money through in-app purchases, and the option to watch ads for in-game rewards. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further review if you have any questions.
Seller:Inner Hero LLC
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Dec 20, 2018
Updated:Apr 30, 2020
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