Euler the Elephant

Oraharo Entertainment
Every time Euler crosses a bridge between two floating islands, the bridge gets destroyed under his weight! Your mission…
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Every time Euler crosses a bridge between two floating islands, the bridge gets destroyed under his weight! Your mission is to guide the clumsy elephant and destroy enough bridges to complete each level. Use teleports, gates, keys and other available items to find the right path and solve the puzzles. SIMPLE GAMEPLAY ON ALL DEVICES Just tap on the bridge you want to cross and - that’s it, you know how to play! Play it on your phone with just one hand while you’re on the bus, or take advantage of bigger screen with your tablet - the world of Ignorantia’s floating islands will look equally beautiful on any device. YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE Why is Euler destroying the bridges in the first place? The story of the misunderstood and lonely little elephant which unfolds with every level will make your heart longing to play the game as much as your brain does. IDEAL PLAYER(S?) If you like a little thinking, you can play this game on your own and it is guaranteed to keep you entertained. But wait and see the fun it brings to a child who guides the elephant over collapsing bridges with instructions by someone older who is solving the puzzle! PLAY IT IN YOUR OWN STYLE Whether you are the analyzing type, who plans in depth before attempting to solve the level, or the trial-and-error type - the game will support your unique way of thinking! Use the map if you like planning, or just zoom out the level and give it a try! ALL ADVERTISEMENTS ARE OPTIONAL In Euler the Elephant you can finish the entire game without seeing a single ad! All ads in the game are the “rewarded videos” and they help you earn an extra life or another power-up which is not necessary to keep on playing. That means that you will see them ONLY when YOU decide you want to see them. IN-APP PURCHASES Just like with ads, you don’t need to buy anything to finish the game. The items you can buy in the game just make your gameplay more comfortable. 1. Quick Recovery charges your lost lives in only 30 seconds instead of one hour, permanently. That practically means that you will never run out of lives and have to wait for them to charge. 2. Super Crayon is used to draw and plan on the map just like normal crayon, but it never runs out and you don’t need to recharge it by watching ads. 3. Crystal Ball is a hint for when you get stuck in a level, and you can buy it whenever you find a level too difficult to solve.
Seller:Oraharo Entertainment
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Mar 03, 2019
Updated:Mar 03, 2019
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