DicTater | 4X Potato Strategy

Cogniad LLC
Get ready to be a dictator! Or should we say, DicTater? Become a potato, and fight for freedom and dominance in the new …
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Get ready to be a dictator! Or should we say, DicTater? Become a potato, and fight for freedom and dominance in the new strategy game DicTater! Conquer the Potato World There are millions of different maps that can be generated, and you can conquer them all! Find special monuments, flowing rivers, rival cities, and more... Grow Potatoes and an Empire Build farms and tap on your capital to cultivate more potatoes. The more potatoes you have, the stronger you will be. And if farming isn't your thing, then raid other factions! Sacrifice your Potatoes to the Gods The potatoes follow a very strict faith and will pray to deities that require potato sacrifices daily. Choose your potato god to get your favorite bonuses, and above all else, make sure you have enough sacrifice! Squash Rebellions You must apeel to your potato population, and squash any taterous rebellions! As you expand your empire, many factions will become salty, jealous of your rightful rule. They may become troublesome... Evade Protato Assassins Enemies will attempt to assassinate you! Use your reflexes while managing your empire to ensure that your reign doesn't get cut short. Align or Rival Potato Factions Declare an alignment or rival so that you stay legitimate. Different bonuses await if you use your senses, but beware if you betray those you swore to protect... Train an Army You will require many troops to conquer the world! Choose from infantry, ranged, and artillery. Dip your troops into boiling vats of deep-fry batter (to harden them). And perhaps even launch nuclear bombs! Build, Research, Advance To stay on top, you must develop your empire. Conquer more land, construct purposeful buildings, and research over 100 powerful technologies to ensure that you can compete! Enlist Spytatoes Order spytatoes of your own to assassinate enemies, engage in diplomacy, and more. And of course, read really bad potato puns! DicTater is a strategic 4X micromanaging game that has constantly changing borders and wars. You will be forced to tap to run your administration, defend from enemy raids, and get saved from assassins! And of course, there are many, many, many potatoes. You can visit our website: https://www.dictatergame.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DicTaterGame Twitter: @DicTaterGame Discord: discord.gg/sRwuKuJ Instagram: @DicTaterGame DicTater may have some problems on devices with under 4GB of RAM. If you are playing on a device with less RAM, you may have some lower frame rates.
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Release:Apr 15, 2020
Updated:Dec 08, 2020
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