Dice Soccer!


"Has there ever been a more perfect pairing? Peanut butter and jelly has nothing on this …
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"Has there ever been a more perfect pairing? Peanut butter and jelly has nothing on this one." - TouchArcade.com, 4/5 Stars

"I found it similar in spirit to something like Magic: The Gathering" - GameZebo.com, 4/5 Stars

"Really can't stop playing Dice Soccer... this game should come with graphic warning labels like cigarettes." - SlideToPlay.com

"i'm certainly having a lot of fun playing it." - iphonegameruk.co.uk, 4.5/5 Stars

"Dice Soccer is the type of sports title that could pique the interest of even the most nonathletic souls." - apptreats.com

"A game you absolutely won't be able to stop enjoying." - jayisgames.com

"HOLY CR*P it's fun!" - AppSlappy.com, 4 out of 5

"A pretty addictive title!" - AppSpy.com, 4 out of 5

"LambdaMu Games takes the level of fun up a notch." - AppAdvice.com, 4.5 out of 5

"Dice Soccer is such a fun an addictive title...", BoardGameGeek.com, 3 out of 4 Stars

"Dice Soccer has been a major obsession in the summer.", Level7.nu, 8 out of 10

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Are you ready to roll for GOAL? Then grab your team and get on the field 'cos this is surely the soccer showdown of the century. Only this time, we're duking it out with Dice!
So grab your strikers and goalies, roll their dice and watch out for some crazy action as they combine, powerup and show-off their awesome abilities on the way to scoring stellar goals.

Let's Roll. Lady Luck doesn't like to be kept waiting.


Dice Soccer is the ultimate casual soccer experience in the form of a "Roll Playing Game". Play as the coach of an up-and-coming soccer team in the increasingly popular Dice Soccer League and face the challenge of hiring and choosing the right characters to bring with you to field as you face droves of opponents.

Each character is only equipped with a customized 6-sided dice with its own unique numbers and abilities, so choose wisely and watch them trigger epic combos on the pitch as they work their way towards the goal!

Key Features:

UNLOCK & CHOOSE: over 100 different goalies, defenders, midfielders, forwards, and entourage members, from which to create your unstoppable dream team. All characters are uniquely stylized and come with their own custom Soccer Dice, special abilities and resemblances.

MAGIC ON THE FIELD: Shake to roll your team into their Dice-form and face-off against 70 different opponent lineups! Build epic player combos, trigger insane powers to Slide, Charge, Tackle and Bicycle Kick your way to goals galore.

HOURS AND HOURS OF PLAY: Across 4 seasons, 100 intense matches, 13 leagues and tournaments, and loads of gold and trophies to be won!

FEET OF STRENGTH: Unlock over 70 achievements, new players and groovy playing kits for your team!

EVERYBODY'S GAME: Play from your iPod or iPad with this universal app's stunning high-definition graphics. Connect with your friends via Bluetooth or Gamecenter for MULTIPLAYER action!
Genre:Casino, Dice, Sports
Release:Jul 28, 2011
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