Broken Clock


The New Year is coming! But wait, the clock is broken.

Time still ticks away. And …
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The New Year is coming! But wait, the clock is broken.

Time still ticks away. And not without a sense of irony. The more you fix it, the more time you lose.

So speed time up, slow it down, extend it. Have its interminable ceaseless flow stop with a touch of the fingertip. Restore the ability to accurately measure its arbitrary passage. If you have the time.

*Solve each stage of the broken clock to fix its functions over time. Tap the LEDs if you think they're broken. If they're not, you'll just be breaking them more!*



ENDLESS GAMEPLAY: Play Broken Clock on free play mode for hours on end with an unlimited cache of puzzles!

CAMPAIGN MODE: Complete stages and level up to unlock different features of the home clock!

IT'S REALLY A HUGE CLOCK!!: Huge shiny LED clock included with alarm functionality. Warning: Useful only when fixed!

DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE: Quick and easy gameplay, but increasingly challenging levels!

"A mind-boggling new style of puzzler! There are so many clock apps on the app store that tell you the correct time, it was only a matter of time before someone made one that didn't!" --- The Watchmen


-Each level presents a puzzle where certain segments of the clock's LED display are malfunctioning. Some of them stay permanently on, and some stay permanently off.

-Figure out which segments are broken and fix them by tapping on the segment.

-However, if you tap on a segment that's fixed, you'll only end up breaking it! Be careful.

-HINT: Speed up time in order to solve the minutes and hours components!

-Once all your segments are fixed, you'll be notified! If the victory screen doesn't pop up, you probably still have some segments to fix!

-Complete the campaign all the way up to level 12 to unlock the entire clock. The main clock can be accessed from the main menu. Use it as a desk clock and alarm once you've cleared the campaign!

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Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:Oct 05, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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