Bug Assault

*****We regret to inform you that service for this application will be terminated as of 3/31/2015. In-app purchases will…
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*****We regret to inform you that service for this application will be terminated as of 3/31/2015. In-app purchases will be disabled on 2/27/2015.
*Upon service termination, guarantees of operation no longer apply.
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APPSPY 4/5 - "Bug Assault has an incredibly simple yet amazingly realized control scheme."
APPSPARKLE 4/5 - "Gameplay is highly addictive"
TOUCHGEN 4/5 -" I loved playing Bug Assault by Bandai Namco. Because I get to squash, slap, smack and electrocute them. And because it’s pretty darn good too."
148APPS 3.5/5 - "It's a solid pick, particularly for households with young gamers."

Addictive gameplay, an all new mechanic, upgradeable weapons, boss fights, collectibles and much more await you on the battlefield! Can you handle the Bug Assault?

After suffering the volts of Skippy in Bird Zapper, the birds are now sending armies of nasty bugs to the squirrel’s home for revenge… but Skippy is prepared! Help the little furry hero battle against endless waves of invading insects, but bring your A-game, the miniature menace is ruthless and very cunning.
- Highly addictive gameplay – No two invasions are alike, the bugs change their tactics with every new game.
- An all new mechanic – Tap two points to create an electric arc that buzzes the bugs caught in the middle.
- Upgradeable weapons – When the going gets tough, bring out the Tesla Coil to fry any bug caught in its range. More of a “hands on” individual? We’ve got you covered with powerful swatting devices guaranteed to leave a nasty bruise. Thinking of mass destruction? Feel free to utilize the powerful gas sprays and really wreak some havoc among the pesky crawlers. Each weapon can be upgraded to maximize the pain!
- Boss fights – The bugs have a few tricks up their tiny sleeves, especially when it comes to warfare. They’re bringing out the big guns, the biggest and baddest insects ever seen. Pay extra attention to these scoundrels, they’ll need a bit more than a whack on the head to take the old dirt nap.
- Collectibles – Skippy prides himself with his trophies, even if they are crazy insects. There’s an Insectarium where each bug defeated on the battlefield is collected, tagged and given its own special jar. They all have a story to tell and they’re definitely worth checking out.
- Challenges – Because squirrels itch for excitement at every step, with every new game comes an extra goal that grants significant rewards for those brave enough to reach it.
iOS 5 support, Facebook and Twitter for Achievements and Challenges because you’ll want your friends to know how awesome you are, Fun Facts about the fascinating insect world, a Kids Mode with exclusive Fun Facts for the toddler gamers and much, much more await you in Bug Assault!

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